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  1. Е тоя Баи, каква дузпа изпълни? Все едно искаше да сгреши и да си ходи у Манчестър. You'll Never Walk Alone!
  2. Четворката бобслей ще се борят за златото P. S. You'll Never Walk Alone!
  3. Загледах се в Евроспорт, търсейки мача на Гришо и забелязах до логото им, че рекламират зимните олимпийски игри, които започват след 2 седмици. You'll Never Walk Alone!
  4. Според Daily Mail 32-годишният нападател е имал сърдечни проблеми в резултат на заболяване от коронавирус. Източник: https://ftv.bg/novini/nacionali/196611.html
  5. Afcon 2021: Gabon's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang out of game against Ghana with 'heart lesions'
  6. Мислиш, че от клуба лъжат ли? You'll Never Walk Alone!
  7. Christmas Day 1937, Chelsea v Charlton at Stamford Bridge. The game was called off in the second half due to the fog. Charlton keeper Sam Bartram began to lose sight of his team-mates. “We were on top at this time,” he said in his autobiography, “and I saw fewer and fewer figures as we attacked steadily.” Bartram paced up and down his goal, assuming that his side had the opposition pinned in their own half. Several minutes later, a figure emerged from the fog. “What on Earth are you doing here?” asked a puzzled policeman. “The game was stopped a quarter of an hour ago. The field’s completely empty.” [emoji1787] You'll Never Walk Alone!
  8. Предвид, че на 2-ри играем с Челси, единия от двата отбора ще е прецакан да играе след 2 дена. Дано не сме ние.
  9. Nothing to see here. Just Diego Costa and Hulk chilling 3 days before a cup final with some white powder on the table! [emoji23][emoji23] You'll Never Walk Alone!
  10. Tottenham's Premier League trip to Brighton postponed because of Covid-19 cases at Spurs
  11. Jacob Ramsey making history as the first player to have a goal disallowed for the crime of kicking the ball into the net [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] You'll Never Walk Alone!
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