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  1. Не. Такава истерия не е имало от много време май. Буквално прилича на сагите, които се заформят, когато някой латионс реши, че иска в Реал или Барса, медийната драма и обсесията на журналистите е много сходна.
  2. След няколко месеца на тежка Джуд Белингам пропаганда, всичко освен него ще е провал и удар, за огромна част от феновете според мен. А ако пръснем 100 милиона, няма да има шанс за него.
  3. NEW | Real Madrid will head into next season with no major signings… @marca
  4. Ian Doyle: "But, personally speaking with my own view based on nothing other than my own feelings on the matter, I'd not be surprised if they signed Bellingham and Nunes at the very least. If Liverpool don't sign Bellingham, I'm pretty sure it won't be the fault of the owners."
  5. NEW: Liverpool have funds in place and Jurgen Klopp will be backed by owners Fenway Sports Group. The kitty would be supplemented by any player sales and if the club secured investment. #lfc [dominic king - mail]
  6. Van Dijk: “Obviously, players are going to leave. That’s been announced so if we want to be where we have been the last five years, we need quality imports, especially with those players leaving.” #lfc [james pearce - the athletic] Van Dijk: “Everyone knows that’s going to be very difficult. It is going to be very difficult to find the right players but the club has to do their job in this case.”
  7. Тази 28 годишна супер звезда на Фулъм я представят като дефанзивен халф и ЦЗ в трансфермаркт, как точно е алтернатива на Белингам?
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