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Може да бъде изображение с 4 души, изправени хора и стадион

Leo, с чича си и братчедите онзи ден, а на татко си да каже, че има нещо за вършене. После цял ден с Клопеца бири на парадния бус, ай за него може некое сокче и сладолед. 

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“I was obsessed.”
“Obsessed with being the best player in training every single day, and if I didn’t I’d go home and think about it and try and do it again the next day.
“You have to be obsessed. When you get that sniff and that little bit of hope you’ve got to be obsessed to move them (teammates) out of the way.
“Once you’re in, they’re not coming back.”
Gerrard also spoke about what he believes are the key ingredients in a top player, with talent only taking you so far.
“The word ‘talent’ frustrates me,” he added.
“I love talent and I love seeing it, but at Liverpool’s academy, the important thing is they need to understand the other side of the game.
“Fighting, winning, tackling. Going where it hurts, letting your lungs burns, really digging deep.
“At the end of the game when kids want to give up, you can’t do that at Premier League and Champions League level.
“Just as important as talent is the other side of the game.”
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