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Джейми Карагър

Guest shicola

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Guest deadpoll

Ferguson was worth 10 points to United every year




When playing Sir Alex Ferguson's teams, it was like 12 v 11 - and he was Manchester United's 12th man. Sir Alex alone was worth a minimum of 10 points a season to United, with his ability to intimidate and inspire.

Let's put it another way: had he been Manchester City manager last season, the title would not have left the Etihad Stadium.

Now David Moyes has to step into his place in the dug-out (and roaring along the touchline). Moyes must answer many questions, the main one being: can he show those who doubt him he has the special qualities to walk in Ferguson's shoes?


Let me give you an idea of what it was like to play against Sir Alex's teams.

First of all, we were not preoccupied with him, nor would we speak about him in the Liverpool dressing room. Unless, that is, someone might say, 'Have you heard what he has said now?', but he was never the focus. Beating his team was all that mattered, even though you knew he would have an influence on the game.

Standing on the touchline, exuding presence, he was United's ringleader. Last September at Anfield, I was coming on as a substitute just after United had been awarded a soft penalty in front of their fans.


Suddenly I felt an arm on my shoulder. 'Aren't you too bloody old to be doing this?' It was Ferguson, smiling as he said it.

'Never mind that,' I replied. 'You've just won that penalty because of what you said on Friday.' I'm adamant about that.

Before the game, he said he had been at Old Trafford '25 years and 10 months and only had one penalty at Anfield'. Was it a coincidence he got one on his next visit as Robin van Persie scored to win a match that should have been drawn? Ferguson had that power to influence games.


He influenced them in other ways, of course, with his team selection. Rotation was a strength of his and it has the potential to be a major headache for Moyes. How will he handle a squad full of big players?

Ferguson would sugar-coat his decision to drop a player by saying he wanted them rested for a game in two weeks. Any disappointment they felt would be replaced by a sense of need and importance.

Rarely did Ferguson name the same team in consecutive matches. He only did it once last season - for games against Chelsea (October 28) and Arsenal (November 3). But nobody ever questioned him.

While Rafa Benitez was called 'Rafa the Rotator' and Claudio Ranieri became 'The Tinkerman', nobody doubted Ferguson's decision-making, because of his status.


Moyes, by contrast, named the same Everton team in consecutive matches on five occasions and, in a further 11 games, he only made one alteration. He seemed to enjoy working with a smaller pool of players. Managing a bigger group will be another of the many tests for him.

It is wrong, but inevitable, that the two men will be compared. Would Jose Mourinho have courted Wayne Rooney so publicly had Ferguson been in charge? Will Moyes be able to attract the quality signings of the Ferguson era?

I believe Moyes has been unfairly overlooked for top jobs in the past. I always thought his credentials were good enough for Chelsea, when they kept chopping and changing, while I was shocked when he didn't get the Tottenham job last summer.

I'm also sure he would have been a contender to be Liverpool manager after Rafa Benitez in 2010, had he worked for anyone other than Everton. He was everything Liverpool were looking for at the time, as he had shown himself to be forward-thinking yet he was comfortable working on a budget.


Liverpool had great success against Everton when Moyes was manager. They were a physical side but it felt as if they had a mental block against us in the games that mattered.

We won two derbies at Anfield after being reduced to 10 men and came back in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley when we were on the ropes. Would a Ferguson side have allowed us to climb over them like that?

Moyes is not afraid to speak his mind in the Press if he wants to plant a seed - before the derby at Goodison last year, he left nobody in any doubt of what he thought about Luis Suarez - and you could see this week that he has taken a leaf out of Ferguson's book.

He has tried to create a siege mentality, taking the Premier League to task over the fixtures United have been given to start the campaign. Make no mistake, he will be using that to motivate his squad in the difficult opening weeks.

Deep down, however, he will know one thing. His outstanding work at Everton was not defined by silverware - but that is the only thing which will define his reign at Old Trafford. If Moyes finds himself in the Community Shield again in 12 months, he will have answered those questions emphatically.

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"I think if Arsene Wenger has a valuation in his head he won't go above it. He'll never overspend and I look at Arsenal sometimes and think there's only one section of people at the club who are overspending - the supporters!

"They've got the highest season ticket prices in the league but the club won't overspend on a player. I just don't get it."


как го е ковнал само.

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Guest Fowler23

Карагър: Кариерата на Торес в Челси завърши


"Много е интересно, дали това не бе послание на Моуриньо към собственика на трибуните. Всички знаем, че той иска Рууни, това е очевидно. Той просто казва, че неговите нападатели не са достатъчно добри. Това той го казва отдавна на света. Мисля, че това е краят на Торес в Челси. Не смятам, че ще има добри времена за него при Моуриньо. След пристигането на Жозе изказванията срещу Фернандо са много негативни. Пусна го в игра срещу Хъл Сити и той се представи много зле", заяви Карагър.

"Играх с Торес на "Олд Трафорд" и той постоянно тормозеше Неманя Видич, той просто го унищожи на терена през 2009 година. Но сега той дори не може да спечели конкуренцията с Андре Шюрле, който е само един полузащитник. Според мен, от гледна точка на отделния играч, мисля, че повече никога няма да видим предишния Торес, който наблюдавахме срещу Видич на "Олд Трафорд" преди няколко години", завърши бившият защитник на Ливърпул.




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Джейми Карагър: Тази година всички трябва да сме фенове на Арсенал!



Легендата на Ливърпул Джейми Карагър призова всички футболни хора в Англия да подкрепят Арсенал през настоящия сезон. Бившият железен бранител сега води своя рубрика в Daily Mail и именно от страниците на изданието обясни, че за английския футбол е от изключителна важност Арсен Венгер да продължи да работи на Острова.

„Знам, че моята идея няма да бъде приета радушно от Тотнъм, Челси, Манчестър или Ливърпул. Но този сезон, всички трябва да сме фенове на Арсенал,“ пише Карагър. „Ако Арсенал има успехи, това означава, че Арсен Венгер ще остане във Висшата лига. А ние се нуждаем от него тук. Този човек е оказал изключително влияние на британския футбол, и без него, играта ще осиротее.“

„Пристигането на Венгер във Висшата лига отвори вратите на чуждестранните мениджъри, да дойдат и да работят тук. Ако го нямаше Венгер, сигурно нямаше да дойдат и Жозе Моуриньо, Рафа Бенитес, Роберто Манчини или Карло Анчелоти. Без Венгер, нямаше да сме виждали Тиери Анри, Сеск Фабрегас или Робер Пирес, и много други брилянтни играчи, които вдигнаха нивото на нашия футбол,“ продължава Карагър.

„Венгер е отговорен за някои от най-кошмарните дни моята кариера. Под негово ръководство Арсенал спечели всичко, и дори изкара цял сезон непобеден. Това бе най-добрият състав, срещу който съм се изправял. Още в тунела изпитвахме паника, единствено срещу тях съм се чувствал технически и физически неадекватен. Не можехме да ги бием нито с игра, нито със силови методи.“

Според Карагър, причината за спада в резултатите на Арсенал след пика между 2002-ра и 2004-та се дължи на дълбоките джобове на Челси и Манчестър Сити, както и отварянето на очите на другите отбори, които също започнаха да търсят млади таланти в чужбина.



Браво на Кара малко хора биха били така искрени.

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Guest Dacheff

Тия двамцата с Гари Невил много се забавляват в студиото всеки път. И яко се бъзикат един с друг :)

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Guest ReD_Gerrard

А Гари понякога връща ли базиците, досега все съм чел как Кара си прави майтапи с Невил, но обратното не.?

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