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Иън Ръш

Guest Novkov

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Guest Fowler23

доколкото разбрах, интересът за "Мача на Звездите" надхвърля този за тазвечершната квалификация на националите ни с Черна Гора :)


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ако някой знае Ръш кога ще идва в БГ моля да сподели, направо ще го чакам на летището за снимка и автограф, че няма да мога да отида на мача.

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снимките с Ръш - цък





който е изпуснал може да съжалява :)

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Guest Ipwntrolz

Определено съжелявам много... :( Много исках да дойда бях си го даже включил в плановете... уви депортиран бях малко в провинцията!



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Guest El_Niño

Ръш: Играчите на Ливърпул се оправдават с проблемите извън терена



Йън Ръш с фенове на Ливърпул в България


Легендарният нападател на Ливърпул Йън Ръш нападна играчите на тима за кошмарното начало на сезона във Висшата лига. Според Ръш футболистите на „червените” използват като оправдание за слабия старт проблемите на клуба със собствеността.


Под ръководството на новия си мениджър Рой Ходжсън, Ливърпул направи най-слабия си старт в първия ешелон на английския футбол в последния половин век. В момента мърсисайдци се намират в зоната на изпадащите с актив от шест точки след седем мача.


„Лесно е да използваш това за оправдание, но когато ние играехме се справяхме на терена”, заяви Йън Ръш. „Най-лесно е да критикуваш, когато не се справяш добре. Лесно може да обвиниш всеки, но ние всички сме едно цяло – собственици, ръководство, играчи и фенове. Ако всеки е срещу всеки нещата няма как да се получат. Затова всички трябва да застанем един зад друг и да бъдем позитивни”, призова легендарният голмайстор на Ливърпул.



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Guest Simply Red

Йън Ръш пожела да поеме Уелс



Легендата на Ливърпул Йън Ръш има желание да стане селекционер на националния отбор на Уелс. Бившият нападател е един от фаворитите за поста, след като Джон Тошак подаде оставка, а временният му наследник Брайън Флин на практика се провали, записвайки две поредни загуби в квалификационна група G за Евро 2012. "Драконите" записаха поражения от България и Швейцария и в момента са на последно място в групата без спечелена точка.


"Много трудно бих казал "не". Ще има много хора, които ще са заинтересовани от тази работа. Има фантастични млади играчи в отбора", каза Ръш.

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Guest Fowler23

Rush: My top-four belief



Ian Rush today insisted Liverpool can recover from a mixed start to the season and launch a strong challenge for Champions League football next year.


The Anfield legend acknowledges the frustration felt at seeing the Reds' six-match unbeaten run brought to a halt by the 2-0 reversal at Stoke City on Saturday evening.


However, a congested table in these early stages of the season means Roy Hodgson's side are just six points off fourth-placed Manchester City - and Rush is adamant it would be foolish for anyone to be writing off Liverpool's Champions League hopes.


"It could be better, but we're only six points off the top four, so you've got to be positive as our aim is to finish there," Rush told Liverpoolfc.tv.


"Beating Chelsea was a fantastic result and I thought if we can beat them, we can beat anyone - it was an absolutely brilliant performance.


"We went to Wigan and after going a goal up, maybe it was two points lost. Then we lost at Stoke, where if we'd got a result we'd have been right up there.


"But again, we've got to be positive. The league has been so funny all season - anyone can beat anyone and the team that eventually wins the league could lose six or seven games.


"It's going to be really exciting because of that and everything is going to be close, but we have to start winning our home games. If we can then I think we can do it."


Rush added: "The Stoke defeat after six games without losing was hopefully a blip and we can go on a run again and get ourselves up there.


"I'm confident we can finish in the top four."


Liverpool's defeat at Stoke came just a week after they'd produced arguably their finest performance of the season so far in dispatching Chelsea 2-0 at Anfield.


However, Rush feels the manner in which the Reds brushed aside the Barclays Premier League pacesetters suggests their current 11th place standing in the table belies their true potential.


And he believes if Liverpool can replicate a similar intensity on a regular basis, they will rapidly begin to scale the division.


"Arsenal in the first match of the season, Blackburn and Chelsea are the three games when I've seen us start really well - and that's the Liverpool we all know," said Rush.


"Look at the Blackpool and Stoke games: we didn't really start until the second half, but sometimes it's too late then. We've got to get at teams right from the start, especially at home, and if we can do that then I think we'll be successful.


"The work rate against Chelsea was incredible and we didn't match those standards against Wigan and Stoke.


"I know it's very difficult for players, but they have proved they can do it against Chelsea and Arsenal, so why not in every game? That's what we've got to strive for."


He continued: "When you're lower down the table, you need to work twice as hard and you do need a bit of luck.


"Luck will even itself out through the year, but the players, management and everyone connected with the club have to work twice as hard while we're down there to get ourselves up the table.


"Then, when you are in the top four, you have to work even harder again to maintain that."


West Ham United are next up for Liverpool at Anfield in Saturday's tea-time kick-off.


Rush feels a strong home record is essential if the Reds are to challenge for a top-four berth - and he's calling on Hodgson's contingent to conjure up a similar performance to their Chelsea display against the Hammers.


He said: "It's a big game, but I think every game is a big game now. Whenever you lose or draw, the next game becomes even bigger.


"We have to be careful because it's never easy after an international break to get ready for the next game. Even when I played, Bob Paisley hated it because he knew it wasn't going to be a good game.


"But the most important thing against West Ham is the three points. They're fighting for their lives, but we need the three points and if we can put the effort in, I think we can get them.


"We're playing at home and we've got to try and build up a fortress again at Anfield - we want teams coming here worrying and thinking a draw would be a good result for them.


"We can only do that by performing like we did against Chelsea and Arsenal. If we can, then we'll start putting fear into the opposition and I think we can finish in the top four."




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Guest deadpoll

Hello Ian Hi there, Small Talk


What are you doing today? I've been doing some coaching.


Do tell us more, Ian It's a Standard Chartered coaching clinic. We've got loads of visually impaired kids, aged from eight to 14, and we're teaching them some basic skills. It's about connecting to local communities. It's good to see the kids running around with smiles on their faces – that's what it's all about at the end of the day.


That is a very beautiful thing. Any plans to take it around the world? There are as it happens. I think we're going to Korea, India and Dubai. I've already been out in Kenya. These people don't get the chance to go to Liverpool Football Club, so we're taking Liverpool Football Club to them. We tell them a little about the history of the club, what it's all about. You give them the atmosphere at Anfield.


How many of these eight-to-14-year-olds know who Ian Rush is? Mainly it's the parents who remember me. But the kids today, what they do is go and Google you. A lot of them turn up and they know everything about me. They say: "You scored 346 goals" or "You wore the No9 shirt for Liverpool".


You're Liverpool's Soccer Schools Ambassador, but there was talk of you joining the first-team coaching setup under Kenny Dalglish. How close was that to happening? At the moment Kenny's still caretaker manager. I'm happy with what I'm doing, and until something happens, a new manager comes in or Kenny takes the job permanently, we'll just wait and see.


What do you make of Kenny's impact at Anfield? I've been very impressed. To win four and draw one out of the last five [league] games is very good. I think he's a great man-manager, but tactically he's fantastic as well.


Were you surprised when he got the job? He wanted it, and he still wants it I think. He didn't get it in the summer because they thought he was so much a legend, and his ambassadorial role was important – but he was very highly thought of. The club's not going to make a rash decision but if the results carry on as they are, and the fans keep singing his name, you can see him staying.


What happened to your own managerial ambitions? I managed Chester for a while, and Wales Under-17s. I've done my coaching badges, I've got my Pro Licence, but I enjoy what I'm doing now. I'm also the elite performance director of the Welsh FA. The main thing for me was always Liverpool Football Club and my country, Wales – and I'm lucky enough to still be involved with both of them.


Do you still keep an eye out for decent vacancies, though? Is your CV ready? Three or four years ago, yes, but now I'm probably past that stage. I'm very happy doing what I'm doing, and I'll just see what happens.


You never thought about leaving football behind and moving to Dubai (other retirement destinations are available)? Not really. The best thing you can possibly do is playing, and the next best thing is coaching or managing. When you finish playing you've got to make a plan, because otherwise you'll never get over it. When I finished playing it took me two years to get over it, and then I did the coaching badges. You've got to keep on improving. If you keep looking behind you get stuck in the past, and certain players have never got over the fact that their career is over.


Has Fernando Torres's move to Chelsea stirred up memories of your own departure from Liverpool in 1987? It has a bit, yeah.


Is it hard to see yourself getting replaced by the club you once loved? When I left, Kenny had a year to prepare [the deal with Juventus was agreed in 1986] and he did that by getting three players in – John Barnes, Peter Beardsley and John Aldridge. No one's bigger than the club, that's the truth. It's harder this time because he hasn't had a year to prepare, but he has replaced one world-class player with two players who have the potential to be as good as, or better than, Torres. I think Liverpool got the better deal. Kenny's not looking to the present, he's looking to the future.


There were lots of rumours, as your move to Juventus approached, that you considered backing out. How close did you come to calling it off and staying in England? As my time at Anfield was coming to an end I did get a bit sentimental. I wondered what I was doing, leaving this great club. There was a campaign by the fans to keep me, and that made me think twice. But the deal was done, that's why I left. And I had the opportunity to make myself financially secure for life. That's where the money was at that time, in Italy.


The fans offered to pay an extra 25p each per match so the club could afford to keep you ... I would have actually stayed, that's the thing. But Liverpool probably needed the £3.2m. It was a lot of money for the club then, and it would have been hard to get out of my contract at that stage.


Did anything good come out of your time in Italy? I learned how to grow up. I realised I'd been spoiled at Liverpool. We were used to winning. In Italy I grew up as a person. I didn't enjoy the football, mind. It was very defensive, but I became a better player because of the work I had to do around the box. Off the pitch, I learned about what to eat and what to drink to be successful, and I learned about life.


Did you bring those lessons back home with you? Yeah, I did. I wasn't a big pasta eater before that. Before I'd be drinking beer, but in Italy they taught us that we could have a glass of wine so long as we had a glass of water with it as well. You can enjoy yourself, but you need to look after yourself as well. And I played until I was 38 because of that.


You were never tempted to go out at the top? People say you should go out at the top but I was enjoying my football so much. Robbie Fowler's exactly the same: he's not playing for money any more, he's playing for enjoyment. Why go out at the top if it's going to make you miserable? I just wanted to play as long as I could. When you stop playing, you're not going to get it back. When you don't enjoy it, that's the time to pack it in. I had one year left on my deal at Wrexham but I wasn't enjoying it, and I told them I'd prefer to go.


Have you developed any hobbies since you retired? I love horse racing, I play golf, and I love travelling. With my job I spend a lot of time travelling in the Middle and far East, learning about the cultures of different countries, by being there. I've got tremendous respect for different cultures, for the food and everything.


Where's your favourite destination? Malaysia – I go there every year. The people are friendly, the scenery's lovely. You have to go. I took my family last year and they fell in love with it as well.


We'll bear that in mind in the unlikely event of the Guardian's cellarmaster unchaining us. Where do you get the best food? I like Thai food, the rice and everything and the curries and all the different things. I wouldn't say I'm a very spicy person, and if I'd just been in England I most probably would never have tried it, but that's one of my favourites now.


What's your favourite pasta shape? I like the little tubes. The penne? I'm absolutely useless at cooking, though. I can do a Welsh rarebit and that's about it.


Welsh Rarebit? Very patriotic ... Yeah, I learned that out of national pride. And I liked it as a kid.


What about the horse racing – have you ever owned one? Yeah, I've had a couple. I'm about to get one in Ireland. I had one by myself which was no good and one with Jan Molby that won a few things, Great Marquess [small Talk has looked it up – it won five races, which The Guardian's racing editor assures us makes it quite good]. I never made any money out of it, mind.


What's the last record you bought? I bought my wife a record for Valentine's Day called From Me to You, I think. I don't know if it's any good. When I was younger my hero was David Bowie, and being Welsh I like Stereophonics and Manic Street Preachers. Especially the Stereophonics, because Kelly's a friend of mine as well.


What's in your pockets right now? Some money and a pen for autographs.


How many autographs do you think you get through in an average week? I dread to think. I've got a whole table of stuff in front of me right now. Well into four figures.


What's the last film you saw in the cinema? The King's Speech. I loved it.


Who would win a fight between a lion and a tiger? I'd have to say the lion, because they're bigger, I think. Just a guess. King of the jungle, isn't it?


Lastly, can you tell us a joke? Not really, no. Nothing comes straight to mind. Not one you can print, anyway.


Fair enough. Thanks for the chat, Rushy. You're very welcome, Small Talk.






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Guest JohnToshack

Да е жив и здрав Ян Бързия.Имал съм удоволствието да го гледам.Точно от такъв човек изпитваме нужда в момента.

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Guest Scarface

Liverpool FC have teamed up with our partner Chevrolet to bring you an exclusive interview with Ian Rush - with questions submitted by fans of the club's official Facebook page. Watch the video now or read the transcript below.


Out of all the managers you played for, who inspired you the most?


I'd have to say Bob Paisley because he was the one that bought me. I came through as an 18-year-old and I was really, really shy and it was difficult to settle into the atmosphere of the dressing room because of all the banter that was going on. Bob never said too much but I think he was a great man manager. He gave me the confidence individually to go on and prove I was good enough. For the first six months I didn’t play that well for Liverpool but then I started to really get into it and Bob always said I was always better with better players. I could see where he was coming from and when David Johnson got injured Bob gave me the chance. He told me to be greedy and selfish and score goals. Kenny was the same when he took over as player-manager and I was already in my prime then.


If you had to play with anybody in the modern-day game, who would you choose as your strike partner?


Luis Suarez is in unbelievable form at the moment and when you see some of the chances he creates, even when he doesn’t score, I look at it and think about me tapping in the rebound. I was lucky to have Kenny as my strike partner but I think with Suarez I would be able to feed off him. For me, one of the best strikers in the Premier League is Wayne Rooney. I know he plays for Man United and all that but his workrate is absolutely superb and I think he could play with anyone.


What is the best goal you scored in your career?


It's very difficult as I get that question all of the time. I never have a favourite goal because that was my job - to score goals. I have a favourite game which is the 1986 FA Cup final because it was the first time Liverpool did the double. When I was a kid, I used to watch every FA Cup final then go out afterwards and pretend I was that person scoring the winner at Wembley. I got the chance to do it with Liverpool. We won the league the week before to beat Everton and then we beat them again. We were losing 1-0 at half-time and then we won it and it was everything rolled into one for me and a dream come true.





хм Рууни

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Guest L1v3ruS



Hendo & downing are at the back, Rush is trying his best to sell them

:sarcastic: :sarcastic: :sarcastic:

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Guest Simply Red

Ръш: За мен Юве беше италианският Ливърпул



Йън Ръш е истинска легенда на Ливърпул. Уелсецът е отбелязал фантастичните 346 гола за мърсисайдци по време на двата си периода с червената фланелка. Ръш има над 70 мача с националния екип на страната си.


С Ливърпул печели две Купи на европейските шампиони и 5 титли на Англия. Носител е на куп индивидуални отличия на Острова. През 1987 подписва с италианския Ювентус, където прекарва 15 месеца, преди да се завърне на "Анфийлд".

Сега друг уелсец е тръгнал да покорява света, а Ръш отправи препоръките си към Гарет Бейл в дебютната си колонка в "Дейли мейл". Легендарният голмайстор сподели мнението си още за Луис Суарес и Фернандо Торес.

Гарет Бейл направи рекорден трансфер на стойност 86 млн. паунда в Реал Мадрид.

Той все още е доста млад. Идеалната възраст да заиграеш в чужбина е около 28 години. Убеден съм, че в Тотнъм им е било трудно да отхвърлят подобна оферта. Би било чудесно да го гледаме поне още една година в Англия, но Гарет бе изкушен да играе в Шампионската лига.

За националния на Уелс трансферът е перфектен, защото той ще стане още по-добър в Реал. Какво накара мадридистите да направят всичко възможно, за да го привлекат ли? Той притежава невероятни качества. Може да вкара отвсякъде и има страхотен ляв крак. В същото време е доста земно момче.

Известен е със спокойния си живот извън терена и това също е факт, който е привлякъл вниманието на отговорните фактори в Реал. Той е същински домошар и в Мадрид са си казали: "Ще ни върши работа на терена и няма да създава проблеми извън него."

Винаги е рисковано да похарчиш такава сума пари, но ако не го направиш, няма откъде да знаеш какво ще се получи. Дали ще успее? В днешно време е доста по-лесно. Ще му бъде осигурено всичко, от което се нуждае.

След като са дадени толкова пари, се очакват незабавни резултати. Гарет не проведе нормална подготовка и се надявам феновете и медиите в Испания да му дадат нужното време.

Навремето Ливърпул ми даде разрешение да преговарям с Ювентус.

Това беше сделка, която задоволяваше финансово мен и семейството ми, а по това време най-добрите футболисти в света бяха в Италия.

За мен Юве беше италианският Ливърпул, но понякога нещата не се получават. Футболът на Ботуша е различен. Това няма да е пречка за Гарет, защото Реал залага на атакуващата игра, а в Италия предимно се бранеха. Това усложни положението ми, въпреки че станах по-добър футболист.

Ако трябва да съм честен, отидох там най-вече заради парите, но и за да се уча.

Уелс не се класираше за големите първенства, а аз исках да играя срещу най-добрите, които както казах, бяха в Италия. Затова отидох. При Гарет ситуацията е същата - не изглежда като Уелс да се класира за световно и европейско и той търси други опции.

Беше ми трудно в самото начало на Апенините. Хората казваха, че Наполи има Марадона, а Ювентус - Ръш. Това е естествена реакция. Доверие се печели, когато показваш най-доброто от себе си. Понякога ми се иска да бях останал по-дълго в Торино и ако бях прехвърлил тези 15 месеца, нямаше никога да се върна в Англия.

След известно време всичко си дойде на мястото. Трябва да си щастлив в живота, за да показваш най-доброто на терена. Когато бях в Италия, нямаше кой да се грижи за мен. Сега е пълно с персонал, който обгрижва играчите.

Това намалява напрежението върху момчетата и те се представят на най-високо ниво. Аз бях разпилян, защото трябваше да върша много неща, за да организирам новия си начин на живот. Важно е всичко да ти е подредено.

Надяваме се, че Гарет може да достигне нивото на Кристиано.

Може би това търсят в Мадрид. Роналдо е достигнал върха си и това, което прави, е невероятно. Пикът на Бейл тепърва предстои.

Имат подобна техника при изпълнението на фаулове. На "Бернабеу" са наясно, че след 5 години португалецът може вече да не е там. А Гарет ще е там и ще се е учил от Кристиано. Перспективите пред него са прекрасни.

Само една причина ме върна в Англия и това беше Кени Далглиш.

Той искаше отново да се съберем. Можеше да отида в Манчестър Юн, Рейнджърс, Байерн Мюнхен и дори Интер. Но ако не се бях върнал в Ливърпул, щях да остана в Ювентус и щях да пожъна по-големи успехи.

Луис Суарес си има проблеми. Попадна в различна среда. Феновете го обичат, а клубът стои зад него, когато нещата се объркат. Никой не е по-голям от клуба. Футболистите идват и си отиват, а клубът си остава. Мисля, че Луис го осъзнава.

Хубавото е, че остана и е готов да се хвърли в нови битки. Подобно на Рууни, той е боец, и независимо с коя фланелка е, играе на максимум.

Сигурно когато си е в Уругвай, се променя, но в Ливърпул своеволия не се допускат - излизаш и тренираш с останалите и си част от клубния водовъртеж. Всички са радостни, че остана.

Най-важните решения взема ръководството. Много шефове и мениджъри не биха изтърпели поведението му. Но аз бих, защото дава всичко за Ливърпул.

Луис и Бейл бяха най-добрите миналия сезон.

Бейл бе купен за 86 млн. паунда, така че си правете сметката каква е цената на Суарес. Той е чудесен семеен човек извън терена, който трябва да се поучи от грешките си.

Гледам как се променя ролята на нападателите през последните години. Много от отборите играят с по един на върха, а зад него, като забит в дупка, действа "десетката". Това изглежда се превърна в любима позиция на много футболисти и те наистина бележат, но не по 30 на сезон...

Плеймейкърът може да реализира 15 и да изработи още толкова, но 30 са непостижими. Кой може? Ван Перси? Рууни, може би? Но дори Уейн често играе зад Ван Перси и тогава е по-трудно. Мисля, че Стъридж може да го направи за Ливърпул.

Челси няма такъв нападател, поне докато Торес не достигне оптималната си форма.

Затова Моуриньо искаше Рууни. Арсенал също няма. Трябва ти човек, който да прави разликата.

В Ливърпул Торес беше най-добрият нападател в света. Той все още е страхотен футболист. Премина през доста контузии, а в Челси понякога го товарят с нетипични за него задачи.

В Ливърпул беше много бърз, а сега е различен. Жозе искаше Рууни, но след като не успя, отговорът му си остава Торес. Фернандо има качествата, но се нуждае от увереност.

Скоростта е много важна за нападателя.

Тя ужасява бранителите. След това ти трябва интелигентност в наказателното поле и да уцелиш момента. Никога не трябва да бъдеш статичен. Най-големите имат предимството, че четат играта и предварително предугаждат какво ще се случи.

Играл съм срещу велики защитници. Пол МакГрат от Юнайтед и Франко Барези от Милан най-много ме затрудняваха. Те бяха двамата най-големи, но същевременно много различни. Барези не беше толкова бърз, но четеше футбола като отворена книга. МакГрат пък беше много бърз.

Ливърпул играе добър футбол под ръководството на Брендън Роджърс, но отборът все още не изглежда завършен.

Мисля, че мениджърът си взе поуки от миналия сезон и запалянковците харесват това, което виждат от отбора. Взехме четирима нови и всеки от тях е супер. Бавно, но сигурно, Роджърс връща Ливърпул в правия път.

Тимът трябва да приема сериозно всеки един мач, защото феновете са жадни за трофеи.

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